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You know how most articles on meditation describe it as an incredibly detailed, how-to process as if you were putting together a sofa from Ikea?

This is not that article.

While I think that learning a meditation technique can be important, what is even more important is finding something that works, for you, right off the bat. Trying to ‘round-hole-square-peg-it’ from the beginning is not a winning strategy here people.

Over time, your discipline with it will improve, but that is mostly due to the amazing results you will start to see in your life. (The better it gets, the better it gets).

I love my meditation practice. It clears my mind, reinvigorates my thoughts, and focuses my actions. Usually I get a whole host of thoughts and inspiration that I never would have had access to when I was bumbling around in clogged-energyville.

Good stuff, right?

Suck begins to creep into the picture when meditation becomes another thing on the to do list.

Tempting as it may be to throw it on the list along with the dentist appointment and laundry, it is actually something that belongs in a different list. The you list. The list that doesn’t suck.

My first meditation teacher told me that meditation is a process of releasing and allowing. It is the only time in your day where for a few brief moments, you are doing nothing but being. No one to impress, no wasted energy spend trying to look good or avoiding looking bad. Just you. Authentic, whole and calm. Chill.

But what to actually do during meditation? Hard as it can be to get your mind around, the answer is: Nothing! For once, you get to actually do nothing and be with yourself. And guess what? The more you hang out with yourself, the more of yourself you get to be! That’s the good stuff.

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