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I’m the coach known for my unique style of strong, bullshit-free coaching. Think Gordon Ramsay meets Deepak Chopra.  I focus on helping you blow past your blocks, connect to your inner motivation, and basically get your ass in gear.

My mission is to provide effective, practical, out of the box coaching that meets you where you’re at, makes the difference, and leaves a true impact. I combine my sharp insight, humor, and accountability so my clients are able to get the hell out of their own way, and start to actually move forward.

I’m basically obsessed with all things relating to personal development. I’ve done it all: read the books, attended the seminars, done the workshops, philosophized, therapized, cleared my chakras.

This has been good for two reasons:

1: I know what works.

2: I know what doesn’t work.

It’s a little unnerving how much stuff out there is absolute garbage disguised as solutions.

When I’m not whipping people’s lives into gear, I enjoy Crossfit, meditation, Bikram yoga, cultural field trips around New York City, and international travel. I’m looking to start sailing and swimming soon. I drink Manhattans straight up.

There it is! Now go rock out your life. Let me know if I can be of any help.

P.S. This video really gets me going.


Becky is my lovely assistant. She rocks out my scheduling. Ask and she might tell you about our adventures during the NYC ‘hurricane’. It involved a bathtub full of water, wine, and duct tape.