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Here is how it goes:

You’ve got a goal, you get inspired, you make a plan and you start taking action. Off you go, things are great. Motivation and mojo are flowing.

Then IT happens.

You bump up against the place where you normally stop. The place where if you kept going, things would actually finally get to dramatically improve in the area you are working on. Gay Hendricks calls it our ‘upper limit problem’. He says that just like a thermostat, we all have a comfortable setting as to how much success, joy, wealth, love, etc. we allow into our lives.   When things start to approach that setting, we tend to start looking in what I call our ‘sketchy toolbox’, to bring us right back down to where we feel comfortable. (Square one).

What’s in yours? Facebook? Financial drama? Relationship problems? Addictions? Time? Stress? Self-talk? Think for a minute of what you use as excuses, time wasters and justifications for why you can’t make happen what you have been working on.

The quicker you recognize these sketchy little tools, the quicker you can move on.

The special clue: how to know that you are moving forward.

Once you know exactly what is in your sketchy toolbox, you have a great productivity resource. When you find yourself wanting to stop and go fishing in your box, this means you are RIGHT ON THE VERGE of an action that will change your situation. This is a huge realization!

The things in your sketchy little toolbox can actually support you, if you pay attention.

What I want you to do now:

  • Make a list of everything in your sketchy toolbox, and post it where you will see it. Not sure what they are? Start doing something you have wanted to do forever, and a few should pop up pretty quick.
  • Accept everything in your box. Accept that they are in your life, you are still ok, and you are going to move on anyway. Stop denying and battling against them.
  • Use them in a productive way. Know that when you are messing around in your toolbox, nothing is actually wrong, you are just in the middle of something good. Welcome this insight, and get in gear.
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  • http://blissbombed.com/ Stephanie St.Claire

    Fantastic article Andrew! I like that you made this topic a no-panic zone: Identify, Accept, and Move Through. This is how the world’s most successful people rise to the top. They keep going with clarity and courage. It also helps to have a kick-ass coach on your team! ;) You are one of the best. Happy 2011!

    • Andrew Carter

      Thanks Stephanie! I’m all about making our ‘blocks’ really normal, which seems to help us accept them. Happy New Year to you as well!

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